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Pagan Bunny Burn

Where all artists are Equal


Always the weekend before Easter

April 2-5, 2020






Tickets go on sale in January!!

Please check 'ticket' page for info



Please note, that we will be on site after March 27th, and will not be able to receive emails or calls. Please email with questions before March 27th. Thank you!!

Pagan Bunny Burn is a multi-day, family based, interactive total art immersion event.

Photos by:

1st photo: Mama Bunny

1st Album: Rio

2nd Album: Andy Pischalnikoff



4th Album: Matt Watt

5th album: @Adelaiiidephotography

Please note, that we will be on site after March 27th and will not BE ABLE to RECEIVE emails or calls. Please email with questions before March 27th. Thank you!!


Located on private property in Northern California, Pagan Bunny Burn blends the outdoor beauty of the spring season, with participation stemming from the arts.

We welcome all to come and participate and share your talent and art with us, The weekend before Easter. If you have any questions please email paganbunnyburn@gmail.com.



(530) 968-5262



Elk Creek, CA 95939


Gate Hours

April 2 Noon - 9:00 PM

April 3 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

April 4 Noon - 4:00 PM

April 5 Exit only Gate closes 5:00 PM

Please plan accordingly and if you need to leave for the day, be at GATE 15 min before it opens for the day, and we will let you out.

April 3 8:45 am

April 4 11:45 am

Survival Guide

What to Bring

- Your ticket
- Your ID
- Food
- Drinking water
- Your camp setup (tent, trailer, bedding, kitchen setup, shower setup)
- Lighting for your camp and self
- Warm clothing for the rain or chilly early spring nights
- Power you need for the event (generators (gen box), batteries)
- Personal libations
- First Aid supplies, allergy medications
- Prescriptions, glasses, contact lenses
- Optional gifts
- Trash can/bags
- Gray or dish water receptacle
- Food waste receptacle
- Costumes, other personal decor
- Musical instruments and other creative art supplies
- Cooking and/or generator fuel
- Extra toilet paper
- Bicycle or other human powered vehicle
- Bunny ears
- An open mind

Photo by @Adelaiiidephotography


You must bring everything you need to Pagan Bunny Burn, INCLUDING WATER, FIRST AID, and FOOD. There is NO DRINKING WATER, NO COFFEE, and NO ICE available on site! Practice SELF-RELIANCE. The site is located about 22 miles from the nearest city. The small community of Elk Creek has a restaurant, that does sale ice, located a mile from the venue. Please limit In and outs, Please carpool if you need to make an ice run.
GARBAGE & RECYCLING: Garbage and recycling containers are NOT provided. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event — please ensure that you bring trash receptacles. Pack it in, pack it out. We want to hold future events at this property, thus we need to respect its beauty. 
POWER, CELL PHONES, AND INTERNET:  You will need to supply your own power — there is no public grid. If you are bringing your generator please remember to bring a gen box to keep the noise down. There is limited cell phone service, Verizon, and Sprint are your best bet. At&T is limited. No Internet. 
PLACEMENT:  If you have applied for placement for your theme camp, art, or vehicle, Gate Staff will inform you of the onsite Placement process. If you are NOT placed, please follow signs for car camping, theme camp over flow parking and RV parking. 
« Roads will be marked do not camp on them. 
« RV's allowed in designated areas only. 
« Register for art placement at: Early registration has not yet opened. You must purchase a ticket during directed ticket sales. General Admission ticket Sales are in January 2020. Email paganbunnyburnart@gmail.com if you have any questions about ART!!
« Register for theme camp placement at: Wait for it!! Early registration has not opened yet.Email paganbunnyburnthemecamps@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Photo by Lisa Ferguson


LOST ITEMS: Pagan Bunny Burn is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please plan accordingly. Label your things, phone, camera, keys, etc. There will be white boards to write announcements on located at the HQ (Hind Quarters), We plan to have a radio station for personal announcements and event announcements, located at STAGE. 

EJECTION: Pagan Bunny Burn reserves the right to deny entry to the event, or to revoke event access at any time, for any reason.

EXODUS: We love you and your camp, but please have an exit plan. You need to have cleaned up and left by 5:00 pm Sunday  at the latest. Whether or not you are part of a site-wide clean-up, please do your part and patrol your campsite and the grounds around it for cleanliness. 

DRIVING DURING EVENT: For the safety of others and due to the limited width of the road leading to the property, once vehicles are parked, please stay put. The speed limit at Pagan Bunny Burn is 5 MPH, always and everywhere.

INS & OUTS: Each participant will be given a wristband. Re-entry is only allowed with wristbands. Keep your wristband on AT ALL TIMES during the entire event. Ins and Outs only during GATE hours.

LARGE VEHICLES, TRAILERS AND RVS: Please note,  due to large oak trees RV camping will be in certain areas, and there will be designated space for car/tent camping, and designated areas to tent camp and park your vehicle in the designated parking area. There will be designated areas; please do not drive all over the property or you will be asked to leave.

NO VENDING: There will be NO vending of any kind permitted at Pagan Bunny Burn.

SOUND: Pagan Bunny Burn has a strict sound policy. NO SOUND SYSTEMS in the tent, and RV camping and theme camp areas. If you decide to bring your own sound for your camp, please note that any system over 100 watts (basically, anything bigger than a boom box) will be asked to be turned off. But you can use the STAGE! Time slots on the STAGE in the Circle of Awesomeness are still available.

QUIET HOURS: General Camping and RV Parking/Camping has quiet hours from 11 pm to 9 am. No Rogue Theme Camps in General Camping and RV Parking/Camping. You will be Bunny Rangered. This is a family event, lot’s of little bunnies need their sleep. Thank you!!!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Commercial use of pictures or video taken at Pagan Bunny Burn is prohibited. 

BUILDINGS ON SITE: There is NO ACCESS to any of the private buildings on the property. 

DOGS: Leave dogs at home. We are surrounded by neighboring ranches; we can not have dogs chasing livestock. We like to keep happy neighbors. Dogs are best left at home.

PORTA-POTTIES: We will have port a-potties placed around the event. Please respect the potties and all of your neighbors by taking good care of the facilities. (And it never hurts to bring extra one-ply toilet paper.) Respect the property — do not use the woods as your toilet. Do not place paper towels, 2-ply TP., diapers, wet wipes, feminine products in the toilets. 

NO WOOD CUTTING! If you didn't bring it, it is not yours to burn. This is a working ranch, and it recycles all of it's wood, 

EMERGENCIES: In the event of a medical, or other emergency that you cannot handle notify Pagan Bunny Burn Rangers, or a Staff member with a badge and radio if you have an emergency or have witnessed an emergency so that it can be documented.

BUNNY RANGERS: Radical self-reliance and respect means you are responsible for your own actions. This includes being respectful of your neighbors, controlling the sound volume of your camp, and working out disagreements respectfully. Bunny Rangers patrol the event and you can reach out to them if you need urgent help or assistance in resolving  a conflict. Typically dressed in bright neon vest, Bunny Rangers are participants who volunteer to help to make our event  safe, smooth, and enjoyable. 

CHILDREN: We love having children at Pagan Bunny Burn!! It’s what it’s all about. Children are amazing, and we expect for the child’s parent or guardian to help them be amazing!! Please be responsible of your children. Be respectful of children. Please let your child know that we respect them and they must equally respect Pagan Bunny Burn. If you are not sure about something, ask. Not all ART is for climbing or drawing on. If there are no signs that say you are “Welcome to participate”, then please respect it. Kids rock!! Thank you!!

WEAPONS PROHIBITED: Firearms are prohibited. Leave it at home, even if it’s licensed. You don’t need it, and we don’t want to deal with it.

FIREWORKS: For everyone’s safety and to protect the land, and not frighten livestock personal fireworks and pyrotechnics are prohibited. 

EARLY ENTRY: Gate opens on Noon Thursday for all participants. Have a question, email paganbunnyburn@gmail.com.  

MUTANT VEHICLES: Small mutant vehicles and art cars will be encouraged. Registration is required. Please register your art car or any mutated transportation to let us know what you plan on bringing BEFORE arriving. Unregistered vehicles will not be permitted. Register at: Wait for it!! Forms will be available Nov. 7th

ADAPTIVE VEHICLES:  We are pleased to allow small vehicles on site for those who have mobility limitations, Golf Carts, and bicycles are allowed and must stay on designated roads. Registration is required. Please register your adaptive vehicle and let us know what you plan on bringing BEFORE arriving. Unregistered vehicles will not be permitted. Register at: paganbunnyburn@gmail.com
Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters, ATV's, or UTV's are not permitted. Do not bring them. 

FIRE PERFORMANCES: Fire arts, and performers must be pre-registered, no onsite registration. If interested in performing please fill out the Art Form at Wait for it!! Forms will be available Nov. 7th

MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE ARTS : To help organize the STAGE schedule, we suggest that you pre-register your performances, however walk ups are welcome. If you decide to bring your own sound for your camp, please note that any system over 100 watts (basically, anything bigger than a boom box) will be asked to be turned off. But you can use the STAGE! Set up your equipment and put on a show, the STAGE is looking for artist who want blocks of time! We create a space so you can do your thing! We have a designated area for sound and there for can only have one stage for DJ's and loud performances. We need to respect our neighbors. Forms will be available soon. You must purchase a ticket during directed ticket sales. Email paganbunnyburnart@gmail.com with any questions.

Applications will be available soon for PBB 2020!! Whoop Whoop!! 

Photo by @Adelaiiidephotography

Photo by @Adelaiiidephotography


Volunteering is fun!! We LOVE our Volunteers!! Volunteers ROCK!!

One of the best ways to participate and get to meet lot's of fun people is to volunteer at Pagan Bunny Burn!

We have several Teams that would love to have you join us for somebunny good times:

If you are interested please fill out the Volunteer Application which will be available here real soon!!

Onsite you can always Head to HQ to Volunteer!!

Tickets will go on sale in January 2020!!.

You must have a ticket to enter the event, and participate.

Once onsite head to HQ for volunteer opportunities.

Any questions? email paganbunnyburnvolunteer@gmail.com



Photo by Mama Bunny

Photo by Mama Bunny

Theme Camps

Would you like to register as a Theme Camp? WE are changing it up again!! We will have twice the Theme Camp space as before, so no hiding in General camping, WE have a few surprises up our sleeves for 2020. Our sound goal is to make sure that everyone can sleep when they want to, including the Theme Camp area!!

Theme Camp Applications will be available right here soon, promise.

No rogue theme camps in General Camping or in the RV parking/Camping areas, Thank you!

What does that mean? It means no designated theme camps, in the RV and general camping area, where people take up space (like circle the wagons), create a road front, and have a scheduled event. This year we will be requesting that all vehicles park perpendicular to the road, not parallel and pull up as far as they can (with in reason) to make room. There are quite hours in the general RV and Camping areas as well. Quiet Hours are from 11 pm to 9 am. We have more people bringing RV's and trailers due to the past events weather, and we need to make room for every one.

You can still park with your friends and do your things, in the general camp and RV area we are just trying to curb loud groups from upsetting neighbors, and land grabbing

Email paganbunnyburnthemecamps@gmail.com, if you have any questions!!


Are you an artist? Do you dabble in them? Do you create 2-D or 3-D pieces? Do you spin music? Do you play an instrument? Are you a comedian? A poet? A magician? A juggler? A singer? A dancer? A fire performer? (I hope you get the idea)


We have created an atmosphere for you. Pagan Bunny Burn is the place where all artist are equal. By staying away from vending and selling of art and things, all artist can play together and create freely.

Bring your art, we have a spot for you to share it.

Big art, small art, we have the room!

Pagan Bunny Burns' goal is to help artist make more art, better art, and art for arts sake. May it be a piece to something bigger that is still being created, bring it, share it and be amazed by the gratitude of those around you for doing it.

ART Applications will be here soon!!

We look forward to seeing all the amazing ART!!

Email paganbunnyburnart@gmail.com if you have any questions.

PBB from the air 2.jpg

Directions to the middle of nowhere

Getting to Pagan Bunny Burn in Elk Creek CA: 
The gate is located at 3199 County Road 309 (Sanhedrin), Elk Creek, CA 95939.
GPS on your phone is not reliable.

HWY 162 is a two lane narrow highway, please go 55 MPH.
Watch for Pagan Bunny Burn Signs on County Road 306. 
«    RESPECT THE NEIGHBORS: Do not use private driveways to turn around. 
«    RESPECT THE ROAD: Obey all posted speed limits, watch out for animals. 
«    Be mindful on County Road 309 (Sanhedrin), it is residential. 

1. Take Hwy 162, exit #603.
2. Turn West onto CA-162 W  
3. Go 20.3 miles to stop sign
4.  Turn left onto County Road 306
5. Go 0.4 miles
6.  Turn right onto County Road 309/Sanhedrin Rd. 
7. Go 0.4 miles taking you by the Elk Creek High School and then the Elementary School.
8. Turn left. Follow the signage through the open gates toward the venue and ‘GATE”.
9. Max speed is 10 MPH. Once you reach ‘GATE’ please have tickets and ID ready. After them speed limit will be posted 5MPH.


To get through GATE swiftly and easily, follow these tips: 
« Have your ticket(s) and ID(s) ready before you pull up to gate. 
«  Make sure your RV/rig/trailer is unlocked and accessible for any potential searches for smuggled unticketed people and animals. An attempt to smuggle in a person will lead to ejection of premises without reimbursement.
«  Abide all federal, state, and local driving/vehicle laws by not traveling with open alcohol containers, illegal drugs or paraphernalia, or hazardous materials. 
«  Stay with your vehicle; do not exit the vehicle unless asked  to do so.  
«  Gate hours: Thur. 12pm-9pm, Fri. 9am-8pm, Sat. 12pm-4pm

HQ (Hind Quarters):

Is the headquarters for the event and will be on the map. Make the HQ one of the first stops along your point of entry, to help you familiarize yourself with the resources and information you need.


General Admission tickets will go on sale in January of 2020.

Directed Ticket Sales will be in December 2019.

More ticket info to come!!

Before you purchase your ticket, make sure you have the correct shipping address. Physical Tickets will be mailed out to the shipping address connected to your credit card or paypal account, so make sure it’s the correct address.

Photo by @Adelaiiidephotography

Photo by @Adelaiiidephotography

You must have a physical ticket and photo ID

to be admitted at gate.

There will be a Will Call at GATE.

No ticket sales at GATE

People without a ticket will be turned away at gate.

All minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Kids 12 and under are free.


Port-potties will be provided.

Tickets are Non-Refundable (Rain or Shine or Snow Event)

Please read Survival Guide for more info on what to be prepared for and what to bring.

Any questions please email paganbunnyburn@gmail.com


Photo by Lisa Ferguson.

Photo by Lisa Ferguson.

Green Fire Bunny.jpg

Stay Connected

For those who like to stay connected and see what everyone else is doing to plan for Pagan Bunny Burn 2020, you can find us on facebook. We have a public group page:


A Ticket Trade page: Will be created a month before the event.

A Ride Share page: Will be created a month before the event.

If you have any questions please email them to paganbunnyburn@gmail.com

PBB2016 bunny flames FBP1.jpg

Fun • Participation • Accountability • Responsibility • Respect



Radical Inclusion



Radical Self-reliance


Communal Effort

Civic Responsibility

Leave No Trace




Make ART Share ART